A mythic raiding guild on Frostmane, EU.

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Until Mythic Recruitment ends.

Looking to join Exercitum

We are recruiting for mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor. Currently recruitment is open to all classes but this will change closer to the closing date.

  • We will raid 20:00 - 24:00 Thursdays & Mondays.
  • We will expect 100% attendance.
  • We will expect you to play your class and not just your spec.
  • Time is precious, being late to a raid will get you benched.
  • The guild master can smell a bullshit from miles away so consider your words carefully.

Application to join Exercitum

Before you complete this application form please make sure you have read the above section on recruitment.

Enter exactly as it appears on WoW Armory.

Brief History of Exercitum

Established in 2004 Exercitum is a very mature guild. We've raided 40man in Vanilla, 25man in Burning Crusade, 25man Heroic in Wrath, you get the picture.

With maturity Exercitum comes with a solid group of players who have stuck together over the years and are now the back bone of our raid team. Every player in our core has earned the respect of their peers though countless hours of raiding.

Exercitum has become much more than a guild over the years, we are a family and as any family we are always looking to expand our numbers.

Get intouch with Us

If you have any questions, require help with anything, or to just say hello!


You can also get talk to our Guild master directly online /w Oougly